Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How Do Forex Brokers Make Money?

Forex brokers are paid commissions on the outcome of your spread. The spread is measured in pips and is the difference between what you offered and the bid. Since the market moves so quickly your broker needs to be readily available to accommodate your trading, provide advice and reliable quick access to the market.

When you begin to review the various forex brokers available make sure part of their service is to provide current advice on all currency trades, the current economic environment and options available for your best spread for your trades. These services are essential for successful trading.

The broker you select should be accredited to ensure their familiarity with the terms and rules established by the exchange for currency trading. A competent full service broker will be constantly abreast of the current market conditions and currency rates available. Their advice should guide you to making viable trades.

An accredited broker should provide the flexibility in swapping currencies depending on current market conditions without charging you high or variable commissions. You should be able to swap currencies based on your trading expectations no matter what your trading platform without outrageous commissions or fees going to your broker.

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